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Windsurfing Norway


Windsurfing Norway


Norway has the loooooongest coastline of any European country. It offers some great sailing conditions down from the boarder of Sweden to the west and as far north you want to go – all ice free and sailable during the Spring, Summer and Fall. If you want to go sailing at the North-cape 71 in the midnight sun YOU CAN (if it has been done…. is another question…?). The Norwegian coastline is heated by the Gulfstream and because of this the waters in the summer are quite warm. Much warmer than most would expect. You definitely don’t need a drysuit to go sailing in the summer. The water is clean and there are no unfriendly characters swimming in the waters (except for some locals).

The windsurfing season for most Viking windsurfers goes from middle of April to late October (it is possible to find ice-free waters all year round). Most shops are centered in the capital city Oslo and together with the West-coast town of Stavanger, can be considered the two biggest centers for windsurfing clubs and shops.

The windsurfing shops

Seasport is located in Munkedamsveien 20 in the center of Oslo
Openinghours: Mon-Wen, Fri10-18 Thur10-19 Sat 10-16
Phone +47 22837928 Fax +47 22839295
Mail: seasport@seasport.no

White Water, Oslo www.whitewater.no
Lilleby&Co, Oslo www.lilleby.no
Splashback, Tønsberg www.splashback.no
Surfsentrum, Stavanger www.surfsentrum.no
MX Sport Askøy, Bergen www.mxaskoy.no
Surfzone, mailorder www.surfzone.no
Aloha, mailorder, www.aloha.no
Southwind, mailorder, www.southwind.no

Windsurfing competitions

The Norwegian Windsurfing Clubs are organized under the Norwegian Boardsailing Association, NBK. NBK has a Norwegian Cup with ranking for Formula Windsurfing, Freestyle, Slalom and Formula Experience (freerace). The races are held by the local windsurfing clubs.

Look at the NBK website to find the calendar for the races: www.nbk.no

Some of the local clubs also have races series and fun races.

Norway - the year round wind-sail destination…

When winter hits and there is no fun sailing and more and more Norwegian Windsurfers are enjoying winter-kiting. There are no doubt our mountains and frozen waters, offers some of the best winter-kiting conditions in the world.

Windsurfing clubs and some places to windsurf

There are quite a few windsurfing clubs along the coastline of Norway.

Here is a few:

Drøbak Brettseilerforening
Website: www.brettseiling.no
In the Oslo area the dominating club at the moment is DRØBAK BRETTSEILERFORENING, DBSF. Based out of a small town 30 minutes south of Oslo named Drøbak. Where the Oslofjord is on its slimmest. This creates some terminal conditions and much more wind then one could expect. The sunset breeze in the summer makes some secure conditions for good afternoon sailing. Currently, the club has about 80 sailors. On a good windy day in the spring, summer and fall you can find as many as 55 sailors on the water together at Torkildstranda. The club has a diverse crowed ranging from Formula, freestyle and freeriders of all ages. Because of the commercial traffic on the water and also the tides, the sailors at the Torkildstranda are never less than intermediate, this is not the place for a total beginner. Talk to some locals! Look at the more detailed description in the sailing spot below. If you are in Oslo and wants to go sailing, Drøbak, Torkildstranda is the most popular alternative if you want some nice wind and someone to sail with. When arriving in Oslo, a good idea is to go visit one of the windsurfing shops. Some of them also offer rental equipment.

Sola Brettseilerforening
Website: www.sbf.no
The largest club on the west coast is Sola Brettseilerforening, based in the west-coast town of Stavanger. The area around Stavanger offers some great windsurfing AND surfing. The most popular spot is Solastranda, is close to the airport. On the long beach you find Sola Strand Hotel http://www.sola-strandhotel.no, in the sanddunes. Check in here and you will have the perfect view to wake up to, and hopefully also some good wind. This is a great spot for slalom, Formula and bump/jump. Sometimes when the wind blows from the right direction also some waves. The best thing to do when arriving in Stavanger is to look up the local surfshop Surfsentrum www.surfsentrum.no.The people here will help you with all the information you need about the long sandy beaches on the coast, we guarranty you will have some amazing sailing if the waves and wind hits. Stavanger is also a really cool town with some great nightlife and scenery around it. Be a tourist in Stavanger: www.visitstavanger.com

Tønsberg Brettseilerklubb
Website: www.seiltonsberg.com
This club is based south west of Oslo. About 1 hour drive. They have a clubhouse with showers on a very popular beach RINGSHAUGSTRANDA. Offers excellent conditions on S, SE and NE. On this spot and some more popular spots in the area around you will find some great bump and jump and wave sailing condition. The town of Tønsberg is also one of the most happening towns in the summer with great nightlife. We suggest you stop by the local windsurfing shop www.splashback.no.

Lysakerfjorden Brettseilerklubb
Website: not available
Just outside the city-centre of Oslo at the Fornebu/Snarøya you will find a well-established windsurfing club with around 150 members. They have storage of equipment in containers, fresh water hose, powerboat and social events. The club has races every Tuesday in season. The location offers perfect conditions for beginners and when the wind decides to visit the inner parts of the Oslofjord the place offers conditions for all level of sailors. Also a location to recommend when the wind comes from East.


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