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"A network for Windsurfing Girls"

"END OF SUMMER WEEKEND 2005"  - September 9-11th

16 windsurfing girls from the Oslo area visited Varberg, Sweden for a windsurfing weekend! Lots of sunshine, lots of laughs, new friends, lots of time on water… in a little to little wind. But nothing can stop such a happy crowd from making the most out of a windsurfing weekend...


Julie, Berit, Trine, Kaja, Monica, Lill S., Solveig, Christine, Marit Kristine, Grethe, Lina, Anne-Sofie,Elke, Elise, Kari Ann and Lill Bente.

The weekend was a success even before it started! To have this many smiling girls so enthusiastic about going windsurfing, is in it self a wonderful thing!
When the last arrivals entered the cabbies on the beach of the Apelviken bay, just a bit before midnight Friday, the giggling girls could be heard from far away… One would never guess that half of the girls had never met before. The girls where 16 out of more than 50 girls that belongs to the network of 2windy.com around the Oslo area in Norway! 16 to 39 years old!

Saturday was a looooong and busy days for the girls!

Inspection on the beach…straight of shore wind… but HEY! "Planning with 6.5 m2 and up! No time to waist!" Saying hello to our neighbours who could not believe that 16 girls would go windsurfing…. "But hey…this is not the first time!"


The obligatory trip to windsurfing shop Surfers Paradise had to be arranged….a chance to shop will never be lost!

Then there had to be a contest. The girls LOVE fighting over prizes. And like ALWAYS the girls had great sponsors.

SeaSport www.srfsnosk8.no gave all the girls (pink) DaKine shirts and a "one of Da Kine" handbag.
TAG Sport www.tagsport.no gave a way some impressive prizes and let the girls demo 2006 equipment from Gaastra and Tabou.
Gorge Sport USA www.gsport.com a really cool fin.



The wind had dropped totally… oh well… Time to get creative!!!
“WindSrf Girls Challenge of Balance”… first team to 3 victories… The team of Berit was the winners!!

But HEEEY the girls are all winners! Lets have a raffle..!

Sunset! Warm fall weather and many laughs!

“Majas” is an other “obligatory” event… dinner…dance…drinks… The other guests did not belive the girls where windsurfers...they insisted on a "handball-team"!

Sunday brought more wonderful weather (or not)… less wind… but why not get wet anyway! No need to let the weather make you feel down! Beach starts and a few freestyle trix! Now we got those “sail/body 360s” and “heli-tacks” nailed!


One thing girls never can get enough of: Sunshine and chat, chat, chat, chat…

We don’t want to go home… lets go down town for a final Café Late...!

-- THE END! --

Dear WindSrf GIRL friends,

I want to thank all YOU girls that keep our network alive!
YOU are a true inspiration!
YOUR laughs and positive spirits are a true energy booster!
YOU make me and others remember what the sport of windsurfing is really about:
Nature, friends, challenges and positive energy!

Keep is simple, sail and smile!

Until next time!

Lill - WindSrf Girls Norway - Since 2002 / (c) www.2windy.com




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