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Update Canadian Women's Formula Cup July 23rd-27th 2003.

Hello to those who are considering coming over to North America for the first ever Women's Formula Cup!

We have a house in Vancouver, gorgeous with pool etc. for girls who are coming in prior to the event with two sponsored vehicles. There will be radio
and television interviews to do prior to the event in the city so this is the perfect place to begin your trip.

On the 22nd of July we have a photo shoot, (off water) with hairstylist, makeup etc. for clothing company and event sponsors. These pictures will
be made available to us for free. Any pictures you want with your own sponsor clothing or logos can also be done that day.

As far as media goes during the event, Sam Ireland has a film crew that will be filming the event for his own show, he is working on for the

Discovery channel. Mountain FM and City TV will be at site during event to do interviews and stories. Women's Sports of BC will also be at the event.

Windsport magazine would like a story and pictures from us- two pages and there is a possibility of a cover shot of a woman or women racing for the September issue. That depends on the quality of the shot and the push or noise we make......

Windsurf is thinking about sending someone to come to the event and the same goes for Windsport. These are the two biggest N.A.
windsurfing magazines.

Prizes are retailed around 10,000 CDN with a cash purse for women of 5,000 CDN. We have two donated vehicles for prior and during the event.

Upon arrival at Vancouver Airport you will be picked up by race volunteers and your equipment will be taken to site. Depending on what day you come in
- you will be driven to the Vancouver house or the Squamish ( cabins).

Registration begins on the 23rd and there will also be a racing clinic run by Sam. As well Lil
l and I have planned to run a very informal clinic for women who are interested in sailing.

Starboard and Sailworks are sponsoring the equ
ipment for that day. Anybody else interested in helping out? Dorota, Lucy?

Would be great to have you answer more technical questions to racers as well.

Parties begin on the first night of registration and there will be a lot of beer to be drunk. Its CANADA! Beer capital! Molson Canadian is sponsoring the beer.

Squamish is a really neat (small town) highly populated by native Canadians located between Vancouver and Whistler. We will definately be taking a trip up to Whistler as it is one of the most well known travel destinations in the world. Around the time of our event there are many sporting events going on in Whistler. The mountain biking championships "Heavy Metal "etc. so will be a lot of partying and media up there.

The weather has been very warm, shorts and t-shirts for the past month. However it is important to bring tracksuit and one jacket as it cools down at night.

The wind is very consistent however the tide does not make it possible to race until noon each day. This means that skippers meeting 11:00 with racing starting
immediately at 1:00 and likely going until 6:00 p.m.

The accomodation is a log cabin, beautiful and very Canadian with several seperate rooms for women. Do you think we can handle all staying together?
Just kidding. I can't wait.

Hope to start hearing from those who are coming in. I need arrival times etc.

Please note my email address is once again changing and starting Saturday June 14th


However if you can't get ahold of me please email Declan: declan@tridentsports.com

More information on the event at: www.cnwc.ca

Can't wait to see you!!!







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