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The ultimate short board ladies event of the year!

Ladies Challenge Pattaya, Thailand. Dec 4th - 7th 2003.

The ultimate short board ladies event of the year!

Imagine: A women's only event on the warm waters of the South China Sea. Competing in a very relaxed atmosphere (it is Thailand after all) with a mild steady breeze, tropical sun, 30 degrees. Wet suits not needed.

The race we are not going to miss…

Organised by:

Windsurfing Association of Thailand
Formula Experience Class
Bic Sports

Charter equipment supplied by Starboard and Bic, so no hassle at airports to get your board accepted on the aircraft. While off the water you will find good, affordable accommodation and delicious food under the palm trees. And if you want nightlife, there are not many places better than Pattaya.

Do you know a better way to end or start your season?

On a more serious note, we intend to make this the Ladies short board event of the year. You will be sailing on the Starboard 136 or 156 ASA or the Bic Techno Formula, which makes up the Formula Experience Class. This ensures an even playing field.The Ladies Challenge will be organised just after the Formula Experience Asian Championships. So you get two events for the price of one.

"Don't be afraid - it's easy..." says Tor Bakke of Starboard. The man who thought of making this event.

Starboard has
already published the full Pre Notice of race on their web-site.  more...




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