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Preliminary Notice of Race

2003 Trident Canadian National Windsurfing Championships
North American West Coast Series Event and
Formula Windsurfing (IFWC) Women’s Cup
Title Sponsor and Prize Purse: T.B.A


1.Event July 24th –July 27th 2003
Windsurfing Canada, Trident Performance Boards and Roberts High Performance Sailboards invite windsurfer’s to the Canadians National Windsurfing Championships (CNWC), North American Tour stop and IFWC Women’s Cup Event. We are very excited to host this Women’s World Class event combining Formula Women from North America and Europe at one of finest sailing sites on the West Coast!

This event is also one of the Four North American West-Coast tour stops and we are pleased to announce the first ever FORMULA SLALOM event. SLALOM is BACK! With the formula of one board, two sails, and two fins we will see the best racing ever!

2. Organizer
2.1 The CNWC is organized by the CNWC committee under specified conditions and class rules laid down by Windsurfing Canada (WC), US Windsurfing (USW) and International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC)

3.1 Results obtained by current USW members in the NRT Classes will count toward the USW National Ranking.
3.2 The event will crown the top Canadian Man, Woman and Youth sailors in combined Formula, Slalom and Freestyle.
3.3 This event is also the Canadian qualifier for the IFCA World Championships in Hyeres, France in October.
3.4 Results obtained by Formula Women will count towards the overall IFWC ranking.

4. Venue and Weather
4.1 Racing will take place at the Squamish windsurfing jetty in Squamish, British Columbia. The city of Squamish is part of the Vancouver Lower Mainland. The site is located less than 90 minutes from the Vancouver International(VYR)Airport.
4.2 During the month of July the weather conditions are: AVERAGE WIND 15-17 KNOTS; Water temp: 60ºF; Average air temp: 69ºF.
4.3 Wetsuits are required, usually a short arm 3/2 steamer, or a 4/3.

5.Travel and Accommodation
5.1 Directions to the event and accommodations are available on the website www.cnwc.ca . It is important to book hotel and camping accommodation early! (Due to the number of visitors in the summer and proximity to the long weekend, campsites and hotels fill up very quickly! Do not leave this until the last minute!)
5.2 Participants flying into Vancouver’s Pearson International Airport can arrange for pick-up by the CNWC through the website.
5.3 Women flying in from Europe will receive complimentary pick-up and accommodation. Early confirmation of entry is essential to ensure this benefit.
5.4 For information on roads, motels, hotels, chalets and camping, consult the Event Website www.cnwc.com, or contact one of the following organizers:
John Darling **The event hotel is T.B.A; The discounted rate available during the week prior to the event and until a week past the event is $T.B.A per room, double occupancy plus tax. More information will be posted on the event website: www.cnwca.com**
or Contact Trident Sports, trident@tridentsports.com or
Carrie Strangway at 604-683-2919 carriestrangway@cs.com, 604-683-2919.
Information is also available from Windsurfing Canada: John Darling, 416-928-3086 or email johndarling130@hotmail.com, website: www.windsurf.ca

6. Rules
6.1 This is an ISAF sanctioned event governed by:
6.2 The Funboard Racing Rules 2001/4 (FRRS);
6.3 The IFWC Class Rules and Racing Guidelines;
6.4 The IFCA Class Rules and championship Guidelines ;
6.5 Tthe championship rules of the USW NRT, and the rules of the US National Authority.
6.6 The championship rules of Windsurfing Canada; as applied to Formula Slalom and ASA sub- division.
6.7 This Notice of Race (NOR) and the Sailing Instructions(SI’s);
6.8 The ISAF Classes concerned are Category “C” as set out in ISAF Regulation 19 –Advertising Code.
6.9 An International Jury will be in attendance according to WC rules and regulations

7. Competitor Eligibility
7.1 All entries shall meet the requirements of the FRR’s Section 2--appendix 2, the ISAF Eligibility Code.(isaf regulation 19)
7.2 The Canadians is open to all members of Windsurfing Canada, as well as foreign sailors who are members of their national sailing associations. National associations shall be paid up members of the IWA.
7.3 The USW NRT event is open to all members of US Windsurfing (special rates are available to members).
7.4 Memberships to Windsurfing Canada, US Windsurfing, and the Squamish Windsurfing Society will be available at registration.
7.5 Competitors must meet all classes equipment and measurement requirements, and must have paid all event fees before beginning official competition (see Entry and Fees, below). Only current USW members will earn USW NRT Ranking Points at this event.**

8.Classes and Divisions
8.1WINDSURFING CANADAIANS will have the following CLASSES and Fleets :
FORMULA WINDSURFING(IFWC), Formula Experience; Open Unlimited ; IFCA : Freestyle and Formula Slalom.
8.2 USW NRT Competition will be held in only FORMULA WINDSURFING (IFWC); Open Unlimited ; Prodigy ; and Techno .
8.3 The Women’s World Cup will only be held in Formula Course Racing. Formula Racing and Women’s Formula Racing will be given Precedence over Slalom and Freestyle events.
8.4 In Classes (fleets) that are split into “A” fleet and “Sport” Fleets, only those competing in the A- fleet receive NRT Ranking Points.
8.5 FW Juniors (youth -under 19) will be restricted to ASA boards and 2 sails/2fins.This restriction is being applied as the event is a qualifier for the FW YOUTH WORLDS.
8.6.1 Male: Juniors (born 1985 or later/18yrs or less),
Men (born 1984–1969/more than 19 up to 34 years),
Masters (born 1968–1949/more than 34 up to 54 years),
Grand Master (born 1948 or earlier / over 54 years)
8.6.2 Female: Junior Girls (born 1985 or later / 18yrs or less),
Women (born 1984-1959 /more than 18 up to 45 years)
Women Masters (born 1958 or earlier / over 45 years)
8.7 The above divisions apply to “A” Fleet and “Sport” Fleet. Sport is for the everyday sailors looking to have fun (recreational competition).
8.8 A minimum of five competitors is required to constitute a Fleet or division.

9. Prizes
9.1 The top racers in each class will be crowned Champions in that class
9.2 Trophies shall be awarded to at least the first 3 in each division.
9.3 Prize Categories and the number of prizes to be awarded will be posted on the official notice board after the close of registration.
The CNWC prize money is T.B.A. March 1st, 2003 however due to this event being a Women’s World Cup event the split will be favored (unlike most events- towards the Women’s Cup and not due to the number of participants in the category). However the breakdown in the Men’s category will reflect on the number of entrants in accordance with FW championship regulations. More specifics on Freestyle and Slalom events when sponsor negotiations are complete. Please note: the reason for this is due to the sponsorship and media attention a Women’s World Cup is bringing to North America.

10. Scoring10.Scoring
10.1 The Funboard Racing Rules low points scoring system (Appendix A2 ) will apply.

11. Measurement/Sail Numbers
11.1 It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that his/her sailboard and equipment conforms to Class Rules.
11.2 Limitations on Equipment.
11.2.1 FORMULA WINDSURFING competitors are reminded that only one board, three sails and three fins can be registered ;except
11.2.2 FORMULA JUNIOR (under 19) competitors who may only register one ASA board (from the IFWC Board list 01/01/2003), TWO sails and TWO fins .
11.2.3 Formula Slalom competitors may only register one board ,2 sails and 2 fins.
11.2.4 Freestyle . There are no limitations on amount of equipment.
11.3 Measurement and equipment checks may be made throughout the event.
11.4 Overnight storage of equipment will be provided at the regatta site.

12. Sail Numbers
12.1 Canadian sailors shall conform to W.C. specifications. Registered W.C. sail numbers shall have preference if there is a conflict.
12.2 For the USW NRT: Sail numbers shall be unique and legible .
12.3 IFWC and IFCA rules require numbers on both sides. Formula Women must have the red diamond on the top of their sails for media and finishing purposes.

13. Liability
13.1 Competitors take part in all races at their own risk. The Organizing Authority, Windsurfing Canada, US Windsurfing, ISAF, FW Class, IWA or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment, which may result. Participation in this event, supporting events and in each race in them is at the sole discretion of the sailor and at his/her own risk.
13.2 Personal Buoyancy. If personal buoyancy is prescribed ,each competitor shall wear above the waist ,a jacket, harness ,or vest with a minimum of 4kg uninflated, in fresh water. The buoyancy shall be tested with a metal weight of 4kg which shall remain supported for a minimum of 5 minutes."

14. Courses.
Courses shall be described in the Sailing instructions, and a copy of the sailing instructions will be given to competitors when they have completed registrations.

15. Sailing Instructions (‘SIs’)/Event Program
15.1 The 'SIs' and the Event Program containing social events will be available at registration.
16. Television and Media
16.1 In consideration to being permitted to participate in or the event, competitors automatically grant the Organizing Authority the right in perpetuity to make, use and show from time to time at, their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of them, taken during the period of the event.

17. Bibs/Vests & Competitors Sail Branding.
17.1 During racing, competitors may be required by the organizers to wear bibs/vests carrying the event sponsors' branding and Sail Stickers above the boom. Prior to arrival on site, competitors wishing to apply their own sponsor's branding to their sails below the boom are advised to seek 'Brand Approval' from the organizer to ensure that there is no conflict with event sponsors. The decision of the organizers will be final.

18. Tentative Daily Event/Schedule
DAY 1 July 23th
10:00 a.m. –3:00 p.m. July 23, 2003
Registration opens and a practice course is set up for sailing
Formula boards and sails need to be inspected and tagged.
Kite-board freestyle event for spectators featuring B.C.’s best kiter’s.
Women: Please be available in the afternoon for media (interviews and photo shoot prior to the event are requested)
DAY 2 July 24th
9:30AM-10:45AM July 24th, 2003: Final Registration
11AM: Racing as announced
7:00PM- Welcome Party BBQ at the SPIT. Beer supplied by our sponsor. Food supplied by Music and ode to sponsors. Sponsor’s and top competitors introduced for media.
DAY 3 July 25th
10:00am: Skippers meeting
10:30am: First possible start
DAY 4 July 26th
10:00am: Skippers meeting
10:30am: First possible start
Day 5 July 27th
10:00am: Skippers meeting
10:30am: First possible start
2:00pm: Last possible start
4:00pm: Awards Ceremony

19. Registration & Entry Fees for Competitors and Non-Competitors
19.1 Competitors must check-in on site at the registration desk located at the Race site. The registration desk will be open for all racers on July 23rd from 10:00-3 pm and July 24th from 8:00-10:00 am.
19.2 Competitors may enter in advance by sending an official entry form which may be downloaded from the CNWC website along with credit card information to CNWC@yourevent.com.
19.3 Non-competitors accompanying racers are encouraged to pay to the non– competitor fee. This fee must be paid at the race site in cash, US or CDN Funds. It entitles them to: T.B.A
19.4 Competitor Entry Fees
Competitors who are WC and USW members will receive a discount of $5.00 dollars
the entry fee. Women World Cup Competitors will receive a 25% discount on entry fees.
19.5 Competitors who’s entry fee is received before May 15th will receive a $10.00 discount
19.6 Open men/ masters/grand masters CAD $85.00
Women CAD $40.00
Juniors- 18 and under CAD $60.00
Note: The entry fee may be paid by: Visa or Master Card or in cash, CDN or US funds
19.7Non-Competitor Fee.
This fee must be paid at the race site in cash only, CDN or US Funds
Companion fee CAD $20.00 if lunch provided…$10.00 if no lunch.
19.8 Pre-registration opens March 1st t 2003: Forms available on the web site
www.cnwc.com If you wish to reserve a formula board for FE, it is important to do that early as the number of boards is limited.

For updated information please contact trident@tridentsports.com or visit our website at www.cnwc.ca or call Declan Sacre at Trident Sports (604-929-9626). For information regarding the Women’s Cup please contact Carrie Strangway carriestrangway@cs.com (604-683-2919).






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