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"A network for Norwegian Windsurfing Women".

Text: Lill Bente Hollstedt


Lots of wind welcomed the girls that found their way to Torkildstranda, Drøbak, 30 minutes south of Oslo. During the two days the girls spent as much time on the water as possible and on Saturday they had a fun relay race to win some great prizes…

The informal invitation had been sent out to the nearly 65 girls in the Diva Windsurf Norway network. The weather forecast said windy conditions and a bit of rain. Maybe it was just this that kept so many girls away from the beach? But the 8 that came on Saturday and the others that stopped by on Sunday had two good days of sailing.

Happy Norwegian Divas ready for a day on the water!

I even spent the whole day in a wetsuit! That is a rear situation for me lately. But with dark clouds giving way for blue sky and the water still being so warm it was great sailing. Bringing from the sponsor SeaSport so many boards as possible it was a busy day for me trying these fun things out. The two boards that got most of my attention were the Starboard Compact and the new juniorboard from Fanatic, the Ripper.

The flags tells us it is windy! Thea is a young talent, just 14 year old! And she phones home FROM the water!

But first back to the girls! One really positive thing was that the girls who came was the ones I rarely see on the beach! And that was inspiring. Cause if we take into count the 10 girls that enjoyed a nice day of sailing the previous weekend and the 8 on Saturday this weekend, and the 1 with the broken thumb not able to sail and the 4 more that stopped by on Sunday, and the 2 very young ones…
we count almost 22 different windsurfing girls on the water in just 3 windy days!! And that puts the numbers in a much better light!

This is Torkildstranda, a windy place 30 minutes south of Oslo!

After sailing in good 20+ knots wind for a couple of hours the rumors spread that Lills car contained some great prices
and the girls wanted to have a race! And Anders and Lill did some hard and creative thinking. What sort of race would be fun for sailors on such different levels? We ended up doing a relay race. Putting the 8 girls into two groups, choosing two sets of equal performing equipment and making some simple rules on how to do the exchange! And the fun began! For the team lead by Solveig Larsen, Grete did a fantastic recovery after sailing to far downwind having to fight her way upwind to the buoy. The team lead by Lill got of with a bit better start and by the second sailor Thea, only 14 years old, they had a comfortable lead. The drama of the race was when a girl sails into one of the boys arriving on the beach… and not only on her way out, but she hit the same guy coming back in! And the cheers from the girls on the beach sounded something in the direction of: “Just sail over him”! “Forget him”! “Don’t mind him, just goooo…”…. When I later spoke with the attacked boy on the beach he said he did feel a little bit overwhelmed! So in conclusion I will say that girls sure know how to compete… (when there are great prized to be won!) Lills team took the victory and got to choose prizes first. But that really didn’t make much difference since there was enough bags and backpacks for all the girls.

Solveig flying on the Starboard Compact and Anders is looking fast!

The rest of the day was enjoyed in the really nice sun and what was left of the wind. Hopefully the girls all learned something by spending a few hours on the water in strong wind.
My conclusion early in the day looking at the girls was that time on the water together was more important than any instruction.

Teamwork is very important...

On Sunday the weather was more of the aggressive wet type and less girls showed up. Lill was feeling pretty cold and having some "after effects" of a surf party in the small town all night and choose to watch the girls from shore. Solveig catapulted so hard on Saturday that her harness broke… and on Sunday she walked like an old man. The girls that came the second day also complained about sore backs, broken nails and aching muscles.
And I think that is just how the girls need to feel a bit more often to take their windsurfing futher...

The happy winners and the happy loosers...!

Big thanks for the support from the DIVA-girls that came!
You are all very talented! And the support from TeamNOR and SeaSport.

When there is a camera around... Showing of our great prizes!

I also will remember
the promises made during our race about you all coming to the Norwegian Cup in Moss. If you do this I will make sure to arrange some fun racing for the girls close to the beach!

And YES about the two boards!

Starboard Compact gave me some surprising fun sailing. I have had this board in my car for a long time meaning to try it out. Being just 204 cm it for sure is a practical board, fitting perfectly behind the front seats of my station wagon. And I will say that the board sure has its “thing”. It is easy to sail, flies upwind almost like Formula type board and feels like a slalomboard going downwind. I used a 6.6 Nitro 4 camber sail and also a 5.8 North Natural non-cam. I will say that the board really wants a stabile sail, and the 6.6 sail with cambers gave a really nice ride. This board will stay in my car for the rest of the season and maybe I will find out in what area of use it is the most fun. I will put some more advanced fins on it and give it a few more runs!

Arriving in the shop in the middle of last week was the new
Junior board Fanatic Ripper! It was told that this board was made in a construction solid enough to be sailed by larger sailors. Still it had an insert for a “daggerfin”, and footstraps placement for the shorter and less advanced sailors. Me being only 163 cm and about 60 kg I was exited to try it out. And the full EVA deck looked inviting! And YES this was a really fun board to sail, and it was amazingly fast (fits its name!). It was easy to jump and jibed comfortable. The really narrow stands made it a girls dream going upwind on such a small board. (I have always complained about the wide stands on all “boys boards”), but the widest stand on the Ripper was still about 5 cm to narrow, and made it a scary and pretty uncontrollable ride going downwind, and especially in combination with a very skinny fin. If Fanatic included just a few more inserts and the larger rider putting on a bit wider fin; THIS board would be the perfect hi-wind bump jump for mum and dad and a cool ride for the advanced young riders not only shorter than 150 cm! And also the EVA deck with camo-pattern and skateboards need some “pink appeal” to make the way into the young girls heart! And I wonder why is there only “young boys” being marketed as “Pro Kids”, Young Guns, Rippers and so on…? Who will be the first manufacturer out there thinking about including the YOUNG GIRLS!?!

Lill enjoying a day of sailing!

Keep it simple, sail and smile!

Lill NOR-84

Sponsors: TeamNOR, SeaSport, H-window, Starboard, NorthSails Sportswear

More pictures: http://homepage.mac.com/seasportmac/DIVA/PhotoAlbum35.html





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