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"A network for Norwegian Windsurfing Women".

In a country far north with a population of only 4.5 millions the focus on windsurfing is again increasing rapidly and May 22nd to 23rd it was the girls turn to challenge themselves and the sea… 42 girls in the age from 15 to 55 year of age signed up for the Diva Windsurf Norway Spring Camp 2004, this year located in a small town 1 hour south of the countries capital Oslo. The girls where everything from beginners to experienced racers…

And here is a taste on how the weekend went!

Theory and instruction on land, the girls was attended by several instructors from the main sponsor SEASPORT (the Norwegian importer of Starboard). The instructor shows the girls how it is done. It is easy!

Despite of offshore winds and strong currents the girls are ready to step on the boards for the first time. The instructors followed the girls in boats, making sure they are safe and when the girls float of into the horizon they are rescued… Some girls thought the strong currents would take them all the way to Denmark, before they where rescued. But luckily the instructors where awake and the bright orange sails on the START boards where easy to spot.

After a whole day of sailing the girls are ready to talk about the days experiences and have a party. The sponsors gave the girls a
HELLY HANSEN BBQ with enough and food and drinks to refuel them with energy to last trough the night! And after dinner the next highlight was the STARBOARD COCKTAIL PARTY in the hotel disco! During the party pictures and video from the day was shown on a big screen TV.

Like expected the boys where really jealous at the girls and their new Helly Hansen Diva t-shirts and took radical measures to be part of “the club”. Yes, we know Norwegian boys are handsome!

Sunday morning the girls woke up to blue skies and not so much wind. Then it felt just fine to use a couple of hours on land to get instructions before they went out on the water again. The instructors showed how to tack and jibe! And there were instructors for all levels and the racing girls were also challenged to the max!

Who can keep from smiling when they are having this much fun?

During the day the wind increased and there was lots of sailing. And after lunch there was time for the
DIVA FUN RACE, a race for all levels held on the START boards. The girls where put into heats of six sailors. After the preliminary heats there was a final for the top four girls. The girls used every measure to get around the course and they where even running with the equipment in the shallow water…

After the race there was a prize giving with lots of great gifts. The winner of the Diva Fun Race got the first pick. Then the rest was raffled to all the girls in the camp!

There are many that deserve a BIG THANK YOU for the Diva Windsurf Norway Spring Camp 2004. Lill Bente Hollstedt, www.2windy.com, took the imitative to the first Diva Camp in Norway last year with 28 girls participating and since then the network under the web-page includes more than 60 names, just from the south of the country. This year she got assistance from two more girls; Benedicte Lind and Anniken Juel-Lind, and they managed to almost double the numbers of girls! The girls had great support form sponsors and friends that devoted their whole weekend to make everything perfect for the girls. What we see in the Diva Windsurf Norway is clear evidence that girl’s loves windsurfing and more and more will join the sport! It is time for everyone to take the girls serious! The rumors for next years camp has already started…

Keep it simple, sail and smile!

Lill Bente Hollstedt NOR-84

Pictures: http://homepage.mac.com/seasportmac/DIVA/PhotoAlbum1.html
Video: http://www.surfern.com/Explorer/local%20movies.htm




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