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10 girls and a dog named Smith, showed up at the sailing spot Torkildstranda in Drřbak. A small town 30 kilometer south of Oslo. It was a windy night!

It was a really windy afternoon at the beach. Just the
conditions the local sailors have been waiting for all spring. 25+ knots of wind, sunny and water not so cold anymore. The “Diva Jibe Night” was offered to the girls that have joined the “Diva Windsurf Norway” network.

Lill arrived early
, eager to get out on the water to finally test out some new freestyle equipment. She got a god hour and a half on the StarBoard FreeSex 97 Space, enjoying just jumping around. A little rusty after a spring of  "Formula-sailing-only", but most importen is to have fun! Soon more and more “blond” heads and big smiles turned up. Some girls first thinking it was a bit too windy. But the girls soon found a solution to the challange and after figuring out how many small sails the girls had in their cars, we got everyone out on the water. The girls where ready to either practice and adjust, or to learn the basics of a carving-step-jibe. We started with some on-land instruction and then Anders where sent out to demonstrate. Some girls hit the water and on shore there where lots of talk about the does and don’t in of the "art" of jibing. The girls that already knew their jibes was reminded of some small details. Lill also hit the water to over-expose the movements to big laughs from the girls on shore (It is suppose to look strange to get it into your heads…says Lill). We also included some instruction on a “chop-hop”. Some of the girls already have really nice jibes and some are just starting. But the fun ting about the step-carving-jibe is that you can work on it in all conditions. Just always do the steps when doing your jibes...even if no planing! Lill is 100% sure that most of the girls will nail their first jibes within the end of the summer! And why? She has rarely seen such a crowed of positive and hard working girls (or any windsurfers).

After some filming and more sailing the girls fired up the BBQs and sat down to giggle a little about the events on the water.
Some boys where also invited over and Mr. Smith got all the "Diva-dogs" he could eat! And we must also tell that at the beach tonight there were about 30 men. Lill shot some good video of the girls, and when she learns how to edit and publish, some clips can be found on this page!

What comes next for the “Diva Windsurf Norway”?

And big thanks to everyone that turned up, you are all very talented
and fun to sail with. And we promise you will just enjoy windsurfing more and more… it is a wonderful sport on all levels!


Keep it simple, sail and smile!

Elise & Lill






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Life and sport changes.
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