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A few impressions and stories from our girls around the globe!

Looking out the window it tells me (Lill) that fall is arriving again to us unfortunate enough to live far away from anything remotely tropic. But up here in Norway the Diva-girls are keeping it going for a little while longer and struggling into their winter suits to welcome the heavy storms in the weeks to come... A message arrived into my mailbox from our world champion Dorota asking for girls to come to Sylt, and promised no racing in heavy shorebreak! Our dear friend Amara (picture) from Thailand keeps "terrorising" my mailbox with pictures like this one. She is lucky enough to be a Starboard importer and a couple of weeks ago got to try out all the 2005 boards! For those who don't already know, she runs a nice windsurfing operation in Pattaya (link). Myself I have been working with windsurfing all summer and finally(!) got some sailing in last week... tuning my FW equipment(!), consisting of one board, one sail, one bom and one mast... it is embarrassing, but true. But don't judge me to much for that, I have worked very hard with the young sailors and actually had 22 kids from 8-15 year attending a Rookie-Camp in August and the official "aunt" of the junior FE sailors.. It would be so great to hear what Lucy, Amy, Gina, Margit, Christine, Katarina, Shelly, Karen, Marliess and everyone has been doing this summer! Carrie I know has been out on the water a bit lately, and rumours has it she found it to be a good date-activity... and she also is doing downhill mountain biking! Why don't you send a few words and/or some pictures and we can breath some life into the women-windsurfing again - we look pretty dead at the moment!

Mailadress: nor84@online.no

More to come soon! If I don't hear from YOU I will fill up the page with my private summer album :))...

Amara crusing the waters outside her windsurfing center in Pattaya, Thailand.

Lill "chilling" at Limfjorden, Denmark!

Hope to hear from you!!


Lill NOR-84




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Life and sport changes.
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