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Diary Carrie & Lill on the roadbook racing EuroCup summer 2002

During our trip to the EuroCup in Sylt and Poland we decided to write a little diary to mail or friends around the world.

Hello everyone!

So we made it to Sylt, and Westerland – Germany. The first stop on this trip Formula windsurfing trip. To get here we drove from Oslo (with a stop at Lills summerhouse to have some b-day cake). We started as late as 1300h in the day. Then down trough Sweden and crossed the new bridge to Denmark and Chopenhagen. Thanks to the new great high-ways, new bridges (and well packed roof) we got all the way to the Danish city of Kolding before 2100h at night. We found a very old hotel and got a prefect room up at the loft and had slept like two princesses. We took the ferry from Rømø of Denmark over to Sylt. We got some good price beauty products onboard (Lill got a box of Biotherm, AGE FITNESS – now that she is getting all concerned about wrinkles). We found the beach where the event is going to be held…. And we are still in a bit of a shock – the shore-brake today is BIG with 24+ knots of wind…. And it is REALLY COLD! Brrrrrrrrr We think we have found the perfect place to stay – after driving in circles for a couple of hours the tourist office directed us to a lady that rents out a room with private shower and toilet! And we are sorry to tell you that we will not let you know how much we are paying… but we are having a good big well deserved meal tonite! Tomorrow is time to get out on the water – we are looking forward to fighting the conditions and maybe also maybe having to buy new winter-suits…

See ya all later…(hopefylly we will have the energy to write you again…)

You can follow the event on:
http://www.formulawindsurfing.org/ and http://www.women.formulaworlds.com/

Carrie & Lill (not Thelma and Louise)…

PS: Sorry no pix – but we are on a cell phone modem and cant afford mailing them…

Hello again.

Weather is still awful and we are having a ”sneezing – championship”. Wanted to go sailing today but the wind and beach brake would not let us (yes we do have pictures). Remember that our boards are 100 cm wide and our smallest sails are 8.2 and 8.5s. We left our wave gear at home and had to just look at people out on their 4.0…..looping across the water…. The forecast for tomorrow is – 6-8 Beaufort – that is 22-40 knots… or 10-20 m/s. And again - the shore brakes makes it impossible to get out with formula-gear above 20 knots. So basically so far we think this is the worlds most stupid place to held such an formula event. But as we all know – as soon as the competition starts it will like always be 0 wind. But Germans are famous for their events – and this looks to maybe be like an event for the spectators and partypeople and not for racing – but we are still positive. Tomorrow more of our sailingfriends will arrive and hopefully this endless rain will give us a brake. Today Lill bought some “sexy” rubber boots and a rain hat – and Carrie got some warm socks. We did do some sightseeing – with some exercise – this is a very rich place where everything looks very nice. Next to windsurfing this is definitely the place if you like horses. There are millions… big ones – Carrie is exited and Lill shakes her head… And we did some equipment organizing and put new outhaul systems on all of Carries booms! We will wear our hats, boots and raincoats and try and find a dry place to eat. This is really a place with tons of nice shops and places… but that is not on our list this time. Congrats on your 9th place Sky, we are proved of you! Everyone: look at Sky at: http://www.cabaretekiteboard2002 (look under photos of Day 3).

Carrie & Lill (not Thelma and Louise)…

Hello again.

Today was the first day of racing. But before that we had to rig up our last pieces of equipment on this wet sandy ground – wish we think could be used as a beach if the sun ever decide to come out… Today was the least windy day so far. But they still tried to get some freestyle going – but then the wind shifted direction… but the waves didn’t. and we where asked to go out. The beach-brake for small girls like us where about head high. Carrie got out FIRST and got her sail washed and all battens broken. Lill saw this and held back a little. The first race was cancelled due to lack of wind. Then just a little while later – after one or more showers from “Mr. Himslef” – we where out to the waters again. This time it was Lill that got her sailed washed well. Nothing broke but the outhaul system came loose and had to get back to the beach – and of course missed the start. We then where sat back a bit and another shower hit and we really started to freeze. We repaired Lills stuff – packed up and went looking for battens for Carrie. But summer-suits is not for this place and Lills right arm as again started to be a big pain. The ocean swells are big and the wind are shifty and strong with the systems passing trough. We both (and more girls) questions the “World Championships” that are going to be held here in September…when the fall hits this place. We have arranged for battens for Carries sail and hopefully they will arrive soon (thanks Bruce). We have found a very nice and affordable place to eat and are holding our fingers crossed for tomorrow. So we are doing our best. Even if you can imagine being cold all the time and not having a tent or a place to change into wetsuit – we are changing outside by the car… So see you all later, it is time to hit the sack to try to warm up!

Carrie & Lill (not Thelma and Louise)…

Hello all.

We are under the blankets again. It has been another day of weather “chaos”, cold wind and no sailing. We almost got pushed out on the water around 11 – and of course got our sails tuned (Lill, thanks Brian helping with her new 9.8 – that had other settings than her previous!), boards and sails down to the beach, into the wetsuits in the poring rain… and THEN the front hit hard – getting the wind up to 30 knots, waves starting to build - racers called of, freestylers getting ready. Freestylers out – WE stuck on the beach holding on to our 10s for dear life… and Lill got hit in the but by a 4,5 taking a spin on the beach… The action in the wave-event where awesome – had we only had our hands on our 3.0s…

So now we want to give you all a positive look on this place that gives us the natural face-scrub women all over the world can only dream about…
Thing we like about this event:
- Getting asked for autographs
- The 1000s of spectators
- The ultra huge live action screen showing from the water
- The food and sponsor stands
- The other girls racing
- Girls helping each other
A few of the things we don’t like (we don’t want to sound to negative..):
- Getting changed into wet-suits on the concrete and rain on the parking lot… YES TO - NO MORE NAKENESS IN THE PARKINGLOT!
- Not having a tent for the competitors to keep warm
- And that nature have turned this into a not so fun thing

Tor, I just found out that I am back on the StarBoard front-page. In shorts! It warms my hart thinking about when that picture was taken in good sunny Aruba. http://www.star-board.com/index2.htm The forecast for the following days are told, by the local heroes to be, windy tomorrow morning and then 0 wind on Sat and Sun. Seeing is believing! Thanks to all of you replying to our e-mails, keeping our spirits up! Lill is also posting a story on the women-site – so go in there to find out a little more…

Carrie & Lill (not Thelma and Louise)…

Hello all.

First of all some very good news! It only rained once when we where at the beach today and we managed to get all or things rigged before it hit again. The skippers meeting where held in sunny and quiet conditions on the beach at 0930 (just so you don’t think we are sleeping in)! Then the wind never really came until around 1400h – so we got some nice time to hang around and talk with the girls and boys. Dorota, Carrie and Lill got interviewed and photographed by a German teenager magazine for girls, that was cool! We are going to be famous… ha ha get groupies and live on the road just windsurfing… or maybe not! Anyway – back to what we are here for. We had some sickness in our small women group here – Margit caught a cold and Lucy sprained her arm. But thanks to being careful, keeping warm and taking our c-vitamins – we are still doing fine. We where sent out on the water, change from last race was that WOMEN starts AFTER the men... that is really bad for us, Dorota and the other women have worked for years getting the women to start FIRST – wish works perfect. So there we where standing in the sometimes 4 meter high ocean swells going trough no less than 3 general recalls for the men. The wind dropped down a bit too. But we got on our way after 45 minutes of waiting. Carrie where perfectly powerd and crossing the starting line first on her 10.4 and Lill suffered bad on her 9.8 and small 66 fin that she had put on. But we got trough – Lill in 4th and Carrie in 5th. In between the races we sat on the beach – girls trying to get the race director to change back to women starts first. But when we went out again – the men finally managed a clean start. And we where off. This time we where both powered up – thanks to Lills new 70 fin. And we again placed 4th and 5th. We finished with all the men and there is a mess in the ranking – but we have been reassured they will clean it up for tomorrow. Carrie was very tierd after racing and Lill still have problems with her right arm and misses her warm long sleeve suit. Conditions are very very challenging. So challenging that there is now a campaign on the steps to move the World Championship FOR WOMEN form Sylt to the event in Belgium, where the IMCO worlds also is going to be held (so all is there already). Non of the girls want to come back here in September. But today was fun! We wish we had more time on the water before racing today – it takes a little getting used to getting air under your board when you come full speed over the ocean waves and going downwind… or rather sometime “downhill”…. Lill made a bad choice of signing in her 156 – the board is just to “lively” on the waves and not good and stabile like her bigger board. Her new sail go a hole in it – thanks to someone that walked his fin into it… don’t know who – so tomorrow it is time for yet another sticker!!! Today there where even more activity on the beach than yesterday – the scene is amazing – spectators …shows… music…. We almost feel like we are performing in another, more well known sport… So outside we can hear the rain again, but not that hard and there is no wind – so we cross fingers for a similar day like today tomorrow! And again tonite we eat at the same Italian restaurant with an old waiter that looks like something the has been there since before WW2. AND one more thing – if any of you would like to sponsor us with a coach and 200 days/year sailing like some of these other girls…. we will be very happy to hear form you… ha ha Have a nice weekend you all – we will keep your mailboxes warm!

Carrie & Lill (not Thelma and Louise)…

Hi U all.

We are pretty sure you are all waiting for the final report on this Sylt stop on our Eurocup tour of summer 02! Well we are now after having a big German meal resting waiting for a good night sleep before hitting the train (car on top of train) to the mainland and nice speedy Autobahn to Poland. How was our last two days, yesterday... no wind and a nice relaxing day on the beach – just hanging out with the girls and boys – not sunshine but still nicer than what this place has gotten us used too. We collected shells – had food in one of the many stands and went for a nice ice-coffee down the beach. All very nice – and at night the girls meet up at a bar and had a nice chat about the future of our sport and discipline! And wrote more autographs and finished our interview with the biggest young women magazine in Germany... (we saw it at the store and it is BIG!)... Today we woke up to something that looked very much like sunshine – we thought we where dreaming. We had our breakfast.... our nice egg, tea, ham, cheese, fresh rolls... made bye our now dear Mrs. Lendt!!! Our “German Mother”.... Than we hit the beach way in front of the skippers meeting – there was wind – we hurried to get the sails on the beach and got ready – we went out and tested – but the AP-flag got up – there was not good enough winds.... so we waited – had another little beach-chat on the future of our women-formula-class.... THEN the wind came – we where off... finally! Three races where finished in good style. We felt more and more confident with the conditions and finally getting warm in our wetsuits – we even wanted to sail more. We have sailed with the world top girls here... so we have had a huge challenge – there for is also good to see the little things that we are doing as good as they are!! Carrie is strong upwind – and Lill is like always a downwind girl.... We came in Lill 5 and Carrie 6 in this race and considering the fleet, the conditions and the many hours not on the water, we are very okay with the results. Our position here is very good for our overall ranking on the women world tour. And we must not forget to tell you that as soon as the racing was over and we started to pack up IT STARTED TO RAIN AGAIN... and we has a horrible time trying to get the stuff on the car and into its bags.... and people are wondering why so few girls go on the tour.... ha ha Tomorrow we are just waiting for the battens for Carries sail – we checked on the internet and they are trough custom and will be here tomorrow morning – then we have the train and then 6-7 hours of driving to what they call the “Polish Riviera” – hopefully we are not bringing the weather! Except form the weather Sylt is a nice place if you got “heavy pockets” – it is the most expensive vacation place in Germany. So we are happy to leave. But we have also had many good times and laugh and hope one day to come back with our wave equipment! See you in Poland – a nice event with good food and service for the racers we are told!

Carrie & Lill (not Thelma and Louise)…

Hallo hello!

We got of from Sylt yesterday after receiving Carries battens that came with FedEx – we hit the train at 1300 and it was kind of cool sitting in your car on the train watching the world fly bye… Then we hit reality and the famous German AUTOBHAN…. I was expecting more lanes… but the speed for sure was high enough. It was fun to drive. Germans KNOW how to drive! We had attached our baggage to the roof very well – straps all over – so it was just to hit it! We where lucky to not hit any serious traffic – neither going trough Hamburg or Berlin. On the border to Poland we used about 15 minutes. We sure are happy that Carrie arranged for a visa up front. The roads in Poland is not worth mentioning…. Or… well it was a bumpy road!!!! And people here really drives ugly. We arrived in Metzostrojea(?) last night at 22:00 – using only 9 hours from Sylt! I think we did pretty well. We found Dorota and our apartment – a very nice one – a studio with a 4 meter sealing and I got my bed upstairs and Carrie and our Danish friend Katarina is downstairs. We got a large veranda too… so no complaining about the standard. Ohhh I forgot the humongous bathroom with a BIG shower. So today we had a large breakfast at a “westerly” looking place. Something like 3 Euros/US for juice, coffee, ham, cheese, rolls… etc… wonderful! And it is really very cheap here. This is called the Baltic Riviera, the places is full of Polish people on vacation. We can describe it as a mix of west and east… lots of monuments from the East-Block era… not easy to shake that… the atmosphere is very “special”…. And really fun just to go around and watch! BUT most important is the WEATHER… we got sunshine… and lots of it – the temperature is close to 30C – and the white sandy beaches are crowded with people. It was sort of a strange thing wakening up in sweat and discovering that you are NOT ill! And putting some very white bodies into shorts and tops… We have a parking card for the place where we live – one have to watch ones stuff closely here… “long fingers” – and also a day-parking card at the windsurfing site. We have reiterated and rigged our sails on the mast. Our equipment where taken down to the beach with a truck – it is all very well organized. We are I think something around 13 girls here – so there will be a more fun fleet than in Sylt! But we will write you more about the sailing later. Today there was very light offshore winds, and tomorrow we don’t know! Hopefully something will shop up in the afternoon. But so far we are way to happy with the sun and our apartment…. And the dinner that was 15 Euro for 3 people with drinks. PS: There should be some corrected results from Sylt posted on the net now. They got all girls and boys mixed up and made some mistakes in the last couple of races.

Carrie & Lill (not Thelma and Louise)…

Hi there again.

After a couple of really strange days… the weather extremes of our trip continuous - a night with a sudden storm that took tons of equipment on the beach …. a bit closer to heaven and some heat that almost melted us…. Some chilly wind… some small rain… So today our Poland adventure really hit speed after we almost where crying with boredom – even if hanging out with ALL the girls are lots of fun. But when you have to drink water like a camel and eat when you are NOT hungry… it gets to you after a while! And about the girls! We have a record fleet of 18 GIRLS! All very good sailors. We are all so exited about that fact. There are turning up some light-wind-rockets from the Mistral class – from countries far from known for their windsurfers. Many girls with years of racing experience. So we had our work cut out. Lill where fighting in top 10 – and Carrie getting closer to that, improving every race and also having the fortune of getting some tips on trimming and sailing from the great Canadian sailor Sam Ireland. Lill got a good start with a 7th – then in the second race she got hit in the head bye a boom from a guy and fell in and lost the great 4th place she was in at that time…. They did 4 races “back to back” – meaning with no real brake! We can say this: the girls fleet are holding tight together – more than ever. The top coming closer to more racers by every race. The thing that part the girls in the fleet most the fleet is “racing experience”. No one is safe in their position anymore!!! And having 18 girls on the startline is a good feeling and sharpens everyone when just in Sylt or previous racers 5 – 7 girls where the number… Today it was a good 12-15 knots and we where on: Lill – 10.9 and Carrie 10.4. Lills sails are starting to work better. Tomorrow it is forecasted better winds. So hopefully it will be time to show those “light-wind-girls” what we hard wind lovers are made of… ha ha We are having a good time on the water, having more and more fun – both only seconds from better positions on the lists. But we are both pretty new to this type of racing and we have to allow ourselves some room for learning, and not focus on positions, especially in lighter wind conditions. Lill started with Formula last May and Carrie only just got on these new wide boards. But speaking for myself (since Carrie is in her bed downstairs) I feel for the first time that I have contact with the good girls, and that my body is responding. It is exiting hitting the top mark right in the top pack of racers! Now we must get some sleep – skippers meeting at 0900 tomorrow – and we know they want to finish the event tomorrow so we can have a BIG party tomorrow night!

Carrie & Lill (not Thelma and Louise)…

Hi there again – finally we can give you the “DaEnd” of our trip!

So last thing we said in the previous mail was that we where expecting good wind, big party… we are back in Norway now! But first we would like to take you a few steps back…. The last day of racing was just extreme! Skippers meeting where hold at 0900. No wind, but forecast very promising. So we started to rig our big sails – and after just a short time figuring out from the color on the water showing in the horizon and quickly putting downhaul on our smaller size and quietly changing fins…. And BOY where we right! Lill was cranking her 9.8 in her first race. Carrie where going full speed on her 9.0. Finishing in 7 and Carrie in a very respectful 9 place! And the wind just kept increasing – readings closer and closer to 30 knots! IT WAS a scary and fast time on the water. We where in our right element. Blowing the Mistral girls off the water J … getting kicked and tossed around bye the wind and waves on the course. Meeting 80 full powered men racers on the course – watching some of the less experienced totally getting washed away. 27-30 knots…. that is soooo much wind! Noon girls as far as we know ever loosened their outhaul or got in anything other than the “chicken strap” (the one in the middle back)…. and it was scary for sure – we would never had imagined going out on our stuff in conditions like this. We did 3 races “back to back” before a late lunch. After lunch the girls where called out for a last race… In this race Lill tried to get going – just to tossed to the sky 2 times, and figured it was best to try and get to the beach. It was just to much to hold on the board with a 66 fin. And she was starting Only 3 girls in the last race that did 2 rounds – the 2 others that got results did the one round “Silver fleet”. And got good positions, since the rest of the girls where on the beach in pain…(Margit got her board in her face and now have a very big lip) watching more and more men coming in with a painful look on their faces…. so after this – we had to rig down our equipment, before crawling back to get ready for a Beach party… And about the party we will just say that: IT WAS FUN! So yesterday morning we got up early, had a good breakfast in our “favorite” restaurant and headed to the beach to make sure our equipment got on the truck up to the parking lot. After getting 8 men to move a big zodiac that was blocking our car. We found the place where the ferry to Sweden where to go from… we found a place to get tickets and a cabin. And since we didn’t want to leave the car around we spent most of the day inside it …. ohhh did we have lots of fun….. or not…
And NOW the “highlight” of our trip…. Taking the “cruise boat” or “loveboat” over to Ystad in the south of Sweden. On the boat we could find all sorts of thing… a beautiful cabin so big that when you blinked your eyes you where close to washing the windows… and a very great thing in our very busy world… “one could shower, use the toilet and brush your teeth at the same time…. we had a 2 course dinner in a very stylish restaurant, where we also flirted wild with some “handsome” Polish bikers…. All this before we went and slept in some NOT so very calm waters…. feeling good about having THAT big desert! We hit Sweden and used only 5 hours to Lills parents summer place (thanks to Lills “slow” driving”) - where we where welcomed bye some fresh food and the care we so badly needed…
AND here are some other results of our trips….
Carrie where so busy walking around her board that the non-skid made some just amazing blisters and burns under her feet. Not a pretty sight. She is now walking like a very old woman…(and right now soaking her feet in “soap”-water…being attended bye Lills very concerned parents…) But we are sure that a day of rest here will heal the worst. Lill have to tell that she is very impressed that she could even get out into the waters with feet looking like that… and they are really hurting!

AND about the racing:

Carrie: It was great to see what Formula racing was all about! To see where I am at and bye the little time I have spent on the board I can see how much I can improve. Every time I went out I felt more comfortable with my equipment and sailing. This is really some of the best racing I have been apart of and I cant wait to do more!!! And the number 7 women in Sylt that grow to the amazing 18 women in Poland, shows that this is the future of women windsurfing. It was great to meet all the women and I really would like to do my best to promote Formula windsurfing for women in North America…. and I also hope I will find someone to train with!!!

Lill: Licking my wounds after having a cold and miserable time in Sylt I was very happy to get to Poland! Just feeling the heat made me more ready to race! My sails where getting stretched and working much better… my arms did not hurt and I just had a blast going around the course. I have already made good improvement since Lake Garda in May. I had a 5th as my best place. And as soon as I got on the smaller sails in more wind I started to do better. It was a hard group of girls! More and more good girls are showing up at the events. I pushed my limits and am very happy with my racing. I need to work on the tactics and light wind sailing. But my 8th overall in this fleet of girls and my racing experience was a great payback for the work I have put into this sport. I am looking forward to the next event.

We have had a very good time. Now we are looking forward for a day of rest at this place, before Carrie are gong back to Vancouver on Wednesday 17th, and enjoy some nice Norwegian summer weather. Tomorrow we are thinking about going for a spin with the boat... We have around 25 C – and that is good…. and we are being told the water is nice for swimming….

Thanks for now! We have enjoyed ourselves!

Carrie & Lill

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