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About us


This webpage is the home of one Norwegian and one Canadian windsurfer that want to share some news and talk about windsurfing.

Most material will be published in English, but some only in Norwegian (sorry)!

This page will promote women windsurfing, us, the products we like to talk about, our sponsors and friends.

We cannot guarantee that you like the content, but we hope you do! (And most of it is not very updated.... for 2006)!


Why 2windy.com?

Working together makes it allot more fun and easier to find creative and inspiring ways to enjoy our sport and achieve our personal goals. Our long friendship naturally worked off and putting our heads together during the dark winter of 2002, helped materialized our idea; 2windy.com.

Behind 2windy.com, you will find two highly profiled women windsurfers, both in racing and organizational work; Lill Bente Hollstedt and Carrie Strangway. The 2 of us meet on a beach in the Caribbean racing downwind slalom on 4 kilo boards and 5 meter sails in the mid 90s. Since then we have kept in touch and done many windsurfing adventures together. Both of us have been involved in the sport for many years competing as well as enjoying all the other disciplines offered in the sport today.

Our passion for the sport…

What we love about the sport the most is its diversity and the challenges it offers in a wide range of conditions. From high waves and howling winds to planeing in the lightest of conditions. Every time we step on the board; from our beginner days to now, as advanced sailors we are enthralled from the excitement and frustrations that no other sport offers.

Lill Bente Hollstedt NOR84

I started windsurfing more than 10 years ago, during the mid 90s. I was impassioned immediately and my goals sent me abroad to compete with some of the best windsurfing women in the world. I quickly gained a reputation as being a speed machine in "those slalom days."

Since than, I have been competing on and off, in both local and international races. I have also had the opportunity to travel and enjoy the different aspects of windsurfing including wave, freestyle and teaching.

The 2001 season was the first for me on a Formula Windsurfing board. Luckily, being a well rounded sailor, having traveled and raced in many locations and on a lot of different gear gave me a head start into the sport. The 2002 season was really fun and challenging. I was again competing in international events on the European Cup. I love setting goals and working towards them with. I seem to have an insatiable appetite for Formula and my training regime on and off the water led me to reach the goals I had set for the season. Windsurfing is growing rapidly and I love sailing with the growing womens fleet in Europe and around the world.

If the conditions allow it slalom, freestyle and wave is high on my menu. It is great to have a sail quiver ranging from 3.7 to 10.9! I am amazed how much things one can buy in this sport… and when the winter comes I enjoy playing in the mountains on my carving snowboard.

Sailbrand: North Sails
Boardbrand: No sponsor.
Other sponsors: SrfSnoSk8, Gorge Sport USA
Contact: nor84@online.no

Carrie Strangway CAN74

Sailing on the warm waters in 1994, Lill saw a cool looking girl flying on her racing sail, preparing for the Aruba Hi-winds. Soon they became close friends and have shared many adventures on the waters together. Carrie is from Toronto, but lives in Vancouver and spends most of her summer in the Gorge.

In 2002 Lill convinced Carrie to get back into racing and Formula Windsurfing. This resulted in Carrie and Lill spending two weeks sailing the Euro Cups in Sylt, Germany and Miedzyzdroje, Poland. Carrie is also a windsurfer instructor and a really talented racer who has no fears on the water. Further, she is an amazingly versatile sailor who is involved in a lot of work to promote windsurfing for women in the North America and Canada.

Sailbrand: Sailworks
Boardbrand: Starboard
Other sponsors: Trident Sports and Lululemon
Contact: carriestrangway@cs.com








A page I started in
2002, dedicated to
girls that windsurf...

lill bente hollstedt

nor(way)84 mail


Life and sport changes.
And the activity and updates on this
page reflects that...

...not always perfect!


I have stopped competing, still loves windsurfing and live
in Oslo, Norway...
Most news and events will be from
around here!




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